Fantasy Football Loser Attempts To Qualify For Golf’s US Open As Punishment And Posts Historically Awful Score

  • As part of a fantasy football punishment, a golfer attempted to qualify for golf’s US Open which will be held at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Not only did he fail to qualify but he posted one of the worst scores ever recorded in US Open qualification
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The 2022 United States Open Championship will be held in mid-June at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. It is the #1 rated course in the state of Massachusetts and is believed to be the country club in the United States, rich with history. Call me crazy but that sounds like the perfect stage for an epic fantasy football punishment, doesn’t it?

What sets golf’s US Open apart from other tournaments is how anyone can get in if they play incredibly good golf. The top 60 golfers in the world are automatically qualified, as are the winners of the past 10 years, and the winners of a bunch of other professional and amateur tournaments.

Then there’s the US Open Qualification process where amateurs and professionals (male and female) with USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 1.4 can try and compete their way into the field. Those local qualifiers are all listed on the US Open’s website but they are only open to really, really good golfers … Or those who might be willing to fudge results as part of an epic fantasy football punishment.

A golfer with an index of 1.4 would normally shoot 73.4 on a par-72 course. The golfer below who attempted to qualify for the 2022 US Open as part of a fantasy football punishment went out and shot 40 strokes OVER PAR and still managed to record four pars. Just an epic fail. And it apparently threw off all of the other golfers who were forced to play slow while their playing partner smashed an extra 40 strokes…

Guy Attempts To Qualify For US Open As Fantasy Football Punishment And Posts Historically Awful Score

If that tweet isn’t loading for you, the caption reads:

“Played at the US Open local today. Teed off on the first hole, one of my playing partners wasn’t there. We wait a min, get the word he’s on the wrong tee. Comes over to hole 10, hits tee shot 10 feet. 5 over after 2, his caddy looks at us and goes ‘we are so sorry’. He lost a fantasy football bet and his punishment was to play. Absolutely joke to me and my playing partner. Terrible punishment, not fun to play with, but one hell of a story to tell now.”

What other golfers are saying about this ridiculous US Open / Fantasy Football story…

As a mediocre golfer I can say with 100% truth I play faster than a lot of golfers who are significantly better than me.

To anyone wondering about the 1.4 handicap requirement, all anyone has to do in order to fake that is plug in some fake scores and it’s really that easy. Sure, they’ll eventually get exposed just like what happened here, but it’s not rocket science to fake a handicap if you’re willing to flout the rules.

Based on his comments, I guess this guy was there?

Bro, a 112 on a par-72 (or any course) is actually THAT bad of a score.

It’s nice to see the world isn’t running out of epic fantasy football punishments. I previously wrote about my leagu’es ‘Fly Bowl’ rule years back where we had money backed into the winnings. The league winner then got to choose a destination and the league’s loser had to travel there as a fantasy football punishment.

One year, that meant the guy had to fly from NYC to Las Vegas and then drive past Death Vally to a haunted clown motel in the middle of the desert that had a clown cemetery next door. You can see pictures of that horrible punishment right here and my full recap of that guy’s trip.