4 Best Fast Food Restaurants To Eat At If You’re Trying To Eat Healthy

Maybe you’ve been there. I know I have. You’re trying to lose weight. You’re watching what you eat, counting calories, tracking macros, etc.

But you’ve had a long day. You’re about to head home and the thought of cooking dinner makes you wanna jump nuts first into a wood-chipper.

You want to stop somewhere on the way home for something quick and easy, but where? You don’t want to blow your diet just because you’re too lazy to cook.

Luckily, more and more restaurants are jumping on the ‘healthy’ bandwagon, and are offering more lower-calorie and customizable options for people who want to be a little more health conscious.

Here are 4 diet-friendly restaurants for bros on the go…

  1. Chipotle

Seriously, would anything else be first on this list?!

Thanks to the IIFYM and Flexible Dieting crowd, Chipotle has become the go-to fast food restaurant for fitness-minded bros. This is because of their highly customizable, macro-friendly, menu.

Short on your protein for the day? Go double, or even triple meat!

Training day and need to watch your fat? Hold the cheese.

Maybe it’s a rest day. Give me all that guac!

The point is that no matter what your situation, you can customize your Chipotle order for it!

  1. Subway

Another fast food restaurant with a highly customizable menu…

Seeing a theme here?

Subway has long been thought of as the healthiest of the fast food restaurants. I mean that Jared guy lost like a zillion pounds just eating Subway.

Like Chipotle, Subway has the advantage in that you can completely customize your order to fit your nutrition needs. Plus they have the all important double-meat option to help you get your protein in.

Just be careful if you’re watching your carb intake. One footlong sub can clock in at over 100 grams of carbs.

  1. McDonald’s

Yeah, yeah, I know! But hear me out.

Good old Mickey D’s has been working hard the last few years to make their menu more diet friendly. And they have done a pretty good job.

No, I don’t mean the Big Mac is all of a sudden a good option if you are try to lose weight, but what I am saying is that they have made a conscious effort to give consumers healthier options.

Happy meals can now be ordered with apples instead of fries or low-fat milk instead of soda. They offer grilled chicken options instead of just fried chicken, as well as wraps and salads instead of just sandwiches.

Like any restaurant, your order may require a little modification such as holding the sauce, but McDonald’s is no longer strictly the artery clogging burger joint it once was.

  1. Any Restaurant

Okay, this one may be cheating, but that doesn’t make it not true!

These days almost every restaurant has something diet friendly on the menu. It’s a sign of the times. And even better, most restaurants are perfectly willing to customize your order for you! You just have to ask. They already have the food back there, just tell them what you want.

And when in doubt, just look for something with a decent portion of protein and get a side of veggies, and if you worked out that day, maybe a starch.

Let Technology Do The Work

We live in a great age, where technology can almost do anything. And now, that includes helping you make good, diet friendly choices while dining out.

Fudist (pronounced like nudist) is an app that helps you find restaurants meals in your area that fit your diet. All you do is input how many calories or macros you have to eat and it gives you a list of restaurant meals that fit!

So instead of wasting time and willpower looking up menus on your phone or running each individual ingredient through your food tracker, just use Fudist to find out what you can eat and where.

Technology. Isn’t it great!