This Man Has The ‘Fastest Feet’ On The Planet And His Footwork Is Blowing My Damn Mind Right Now

Luis Badillo Jr. has amassed an Instagram following that reaches hundreds of thousands of followers because he’s said to have the world’s fastest feet. We actually featured ​trainer Luis Badillo Jr. here on BroBible before when my colleague Matt wrote about this beach workout with Marshawn Lynch. If you haven’t seen that before, it’s nuts.

What exactly do the ‘world’s fastest feet’ look like in action? Well, a few of his short Instagram clips are going viral over on DIGG and I shit you not when I tell you that if you blink you’ll miss this man take at least a handful of steps. His feet are moving so fast it’s hard for my mind to even process what I’m witnessing.

This dude’s like ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ in real life. His feet move so fast they start going at light speed before his body even begins to move:

It’s hard for me to believe that this dude and myself breathe the same air. When I’m doing cardio it’s a world away from what this bro’s doing. I’m finger painting with mud and this dude’s out there painting the Sistine Chapel.

You can check out more of Luis Badillo Jr.’s footwork over on DIGG.