Marshawn Lynch’s Beach Workout With Trainer Who Has The ‘Fastest Feet In The World’ Is A Sight To See


Running sucks. Running on sand is torture. I play one beach volleyball game and I need to wear a life preserver in the water to avoid drowning. But I, believe it or not, am not Beast Mode. I am an overweight blogger with high cholesterol.

The Raiders running back transitioned his training from the turf to the beach, shredding through various speed drills on Alameda’s Crown Memorial State Beach in California with his trainer Luis Badillo Jr., the man who some say has the fastest feet in the world. Lynch ain’t far behind.

I also took a gander through Badillos Instagram account for some #Investigative Journalism and holy shit, Marshawn, you’re in good hands. Or should I say *feet. Ok, I need a nap.

[h/t Mercury News]

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