FedEx Field Used World’s Cheapest Solution To Fix Broken Railing That Caused Collapsed Stands

FedEx Field Used Cheapest Possible Solution To Fix Collapsed Railing

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  • The Washington Football Team had a set of stands collapse that nearly took out an NFL quarterback.
  • To fix the problem, it used the world’s cheapest solution and it’s remarkably embarrassing.
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FedEx Field is notoriously amongst the worst stadiums in the NFL. And to make matters worse, the Washington Football Team is notoriously amongst the worst-run organizations in the NFL.

When you combine the two, it makes for a complete and utter disaster.

That’s what happened on Sunday. After the Football Team fell 20-16 to the Eagles, a group of Philadelphia fans gathered on a railing by their team tunnel.

As quarterback Jalen Hurts headed back into the locker room, they leaned on a railing to get a better look. Moments later, the stands collapsed around them.

A new video emerged of the incident and it is pretty crazy how close that Hurts came to a potentially serious injury. It was within inches.

“I’m just happy everybody is safe from it,” Hurts said after fortunately leaving the scene unscathed. “That’s crazy stuff right there. That was a real dangerous situation. I’m just so happy everybody bounced back from it, it seemed like. Passionate Eagles fans. I love it.”

Well, after having an incident occur that nearly took out a rival’s starting quarterback and could potentially be grounds for a lawsuit from the fans, Washington has solved the problem.

Except, it hasn’t.

After the game, after having the stands collapse, FedEx Field did not reevaluate its stadium. It did not reevaluate its safety protocol.

Instead, to fix the broken railing, it took some zip ties and strapped it back up. Not even a whole box of zip ties, three zip ties.

Somehow, some way, Washington and FedEx thinks this is enough. In a situation where it needs to rebuild that entire section of railing, it went with zip ties.