Referee Fernanda Colombo’s Viral Video Led To A ‘Immoral Sexual Proposal’ From Someone Creepy

Referee Fernanda Colombo says her viral video led to a creepy email from someone that suggest being paid for sex

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Fernanda Colombo, a Brazilian soccer referee and sports journalist, said that a recent viral video of her has caused some reactions she’d rather not see, nor does she appreciate. That’s because, while calling a match last weekend, the 30-year-old had some fun with a player named Kitu Diaz, as Fernanda faked him out by pulling out a handkerchief to wipe sweat rather than pull a yellow card.

While the entire thing was good natured and fun — with both Fernanda Colombo and the player running off smiling — it brought some attention that left the referee feeling “like crap,” in her own words. Here’s the clip that first got attention on social media.

As mentioned, though, given her good looks and playfulness on the pitch, Fernanda Colombo received some unwanted attention. Sure going viral is fun and all, but things went to another level when she received a creepy email from someone who offered to pay her for sex. That led to the referee taking to Instagram to post this message, which has since been translated.

Unfortunate! Receiving this email made me feel like crap. I just want to work with what I love, which is football and journalism. Unfortunately this is still the real world.

I got this email today made Which I felt like the trash because it contains an unethical sexual proposal. I want to tell the world that I just want to do what I love which means working with football and journalism. Please, respect that!

I just received this email containing an immoral proposal that made me feel like crap. All I want is to be able to work with what I love, which is football and journalism. May everyone respect the path I chose for my life.

According to AS‘ Isabel Roldan, Fernanda Colombo was offered work “meeting clients” for at least “7 thousand” per encounter, although the currency wasn’t specified. Rightfully so, the referee and journalist was embarrassed and found the email heinous, so it’s good to see her call out whoever sent the request.

(H/T Bleacher Report)