TV Broadcast Appears To Troll Fernando Tatis With Coincidentally Timed Sponsorship Ad

Fernando Tatis walks back to the dugout.

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Fernando Tatis made his return to the San Diego Padres late last month after serving out an 80-game suspension for PED use. Since his return, he’s dealt with criticism from fans and media while visiting opposing ballparks.

The latest jab came during a trip to Minnesota, as the slugger was slapped with a coincidentally timed sponsorship ad from the TV broadcast. That ad appeared to reference his motorcycle accident last offseason.

While taking his place in the batter’s box during the top of the third inning, a sponsorship graphic flashed across the bottom of the screen. That sponsor was a law firm that handles vehicle injury cases.

More specifically, they handle motorcycle accidents.

From the website:

Our local motorcycle accident lawyers* fight on behalf of injured riders, like you, to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

“Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?” the ad read, before displaying the company’s contact information. Baseball fans took immediate note of the graphic and its possible reference to Fernando Tatis.

One account wrote, “I had to watch this 10 times to believe it was real.” Another said, “That’s 100% on purpose.”

This person posted, “Smart marketing,” while even a Padres fan got a laugh out of it, saying, “This is incredible, and this is coming from a Pads fan.”

There were some who said that this is actually a longtime sponsor of the broadcast, though they mention the timing couldn’t have been much more perfect.

If that is the case, it worked out in hilarious fashion.

Intentional or not, it’s not the first time we’ve seen shade thrown Fernando Tatis’s way. Earlier in the season, he was welcomed into Wrigley Field by Cubs fans chanting, “He’s on steroids.”

We also heard ESPN commentator Eduardo Perez insulting the outfielder in a loss to the Dodgers.

Tatis hasn’t let it get to him too much. Not only has he embraced the villain role, but he’s been able to produce at the plate. The slugger has four homers through 17 games while hitting .266 at the dish.

That production will likely only get better as he sees more pitches considering he missed the entire 2022 season.