FIBA Admits Big Victor Wembanyama Mistake

French basketball star Victor Wembanyama

Getty Image / Catherine Steenkeste

There is no basketball player on the international stage getting nearly as much attention as Victor Wembanyama right now.

In fact, there might not be an international player that has ever had as much hype as Wembanyama.

Unfortunately, all of that hype appears to have led to a fake interview featuring the French star making its way around the internet. To make matters worse, FIBA actually shared the interview.

Today, FIBA apologized for their mistake.

An article featuring a supposed interview with Victor Wembanyama was recently published on the FIBA website.

After doubts were expressed by the player regarding the interview, which was provided to FIBA by a long-time French contributor, the veracity of the interview could not be confirmed.

“FIBA has without delay removed the article and all related social media posts, and has immediately terminated the relationship with the freelance reporter.

FIBA apologizes to Victor and the French team and wishes them all the best in the forthcoming #FIBAWC qualifiers.

The 19-year old prospect will be eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft and he is already seen as one of the best prospects the game has ever seen. He has been compared to LeBron James and a number of other stars and it’s easy to see why there are such huge expectations for him.

Wembanyama is 7’2″, but won’t be limited to just playing in the paint. He has good mobility, which will allow him to defend on the perimeter and he handles the ball like a guard.

He alo has the ability to turn to his jump shot when needed even if it isn’t the strongest part of his game.

The one concern about him is his lack of physicality, but even that won’t be enough to get teams to consider making anybody else the top pick in the draft.

It seems those teams may just need to ignore some fake interviews along the way.