Filomena ‘Phyllis’ Tobias, The Miami Middle-Finger Lady, May Have Killed Her Ex-Husband

The woman seen flipping off Noah was identified today by the Sun-Sentinel as Filomena Tobias. Filomena also goes by Phyllis. “Phyllis” is the widow of late CNBC commenter and hedge-fund manager Seth Tobias, whose death was chronicled in an amazing 2008 New York Magazine piece called “Dead Man's Float.” The article details the drowning death of the multi-multi millionare Seth, who MAY have injested a bottle of crushed-up Ambien in his vodka penne—cooked by Phyllis—before she took their dog for a walk and ALLEGEDLY left her fourth husband to drown in their swimming pool. 

At least, most people involved in the mysterious case seem to think that's the turn of events. It would make sense: The two had a rocky relationship, both were drug addicts, and, after the death, Phyllis walked away with a $25 million estate.

One person who doesn't think that's the case is Phyllis' lawyer, Jay Jacknin, who happens to be her ex-husband, and who originally introduced her to Seth before giving this quote, “She had a great body. Women love her. Men find her fascinating. I just couldn't afford her.”

Dear God. This is the most perfectly South Florida thing since the release of Scarface. The whole article is here.