Bro Lands First Ever Wakeboarding Triple Flip In Footage That’ll Blow Your Mind

This is wakeboarding unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, unlike anything ever caught on camera. Professional wakeboarder Cody Hesse just landed the first ever wakeboarding triple flip (2:40 above). But before we get to that, I feel like it should be noted that as a sport wakeboarding has sort of slowed down over the years in the public eye. Wakeboarding used to get ESPN coverage alongside skateboarding and surfing, but in recent years wakeboarding is rarely seen on the major sports network. I won’t speculate as to the reasons why this is so, because there are far too many, but the fact of the matter is that we the people are not being exposed to wakeboarding anymore yet the sport is hitting an all-time high in terms of talent and progression. Case in point: the video above features professional wakeboarder Cody Hesse landing the first ever triple flip on a wakeboard (around ~2:39 mark), as well as ‘shooting the tube’ in Florida by riding through a storm drain (around ~:48 mark). The video above features footage captured over the course of two years throughout Florida and Georgia. GIFs + info below.

Without YouTube you’d never know that these insane tricks were being landed out there in the world by athletes like Cody Hesse. Thankfully for me and you, YouTube does exist and we don’t need the big TV networks to bring us our content.

And because you know I’m obsessed with including GIFs with anything I post that has a video, here are the two insane tricks broken down in GIF.

First Ever Wakeboarding Triple Flip by Cody Hesse

‘Shooting The Tube’ in Florida

Watching footage like this brings that little twinkle of nostalgia to my eyes. Back in middle/high school when I was living in Florida I was wakeboarding 3 or 4 days a week, and even got to a level where I was participating in grassroots competitions and winning medals. I never progressed to the super grom level though, as my boat was a in-shore fishing boat and not a wakeboarding boat that threw a massive wake. I respect the hell out of these athletes for the crashes they take day after day in the quest to land new tricks, because water is extremely unforgiving when the boat is cruising around 20mph.

Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing more wakeboarding content here on BroBible drop me a line down below in the comments and I’ll make sure to serve it up more often!