Florida Bros Catch 14-Foot Dinosaur Of An Alligator Using A Fishing Rod, Are Living The Goddamn Dream


These bros are living the Florida dream. Who needs yachts, cocaine, and models on South Beach when you can drive just about anywhere in Florida outside of Miami and catch an actual dinosaur? Don’t get me wrong, Miami’s hookers (models) and cocaine are fun, but catching a 14-foot alligator using a fishing rod and a handcranked line. This is a FUN video, so strap and get ready to be jealous of the fun these bros are having:

This video came to us by way of reader Jeff A. (via Justin Dymond‘s YouTube channel), who sent in the GoPro footage showing a couple of bros bringing in a whopping 13-foot-8-inch alligator from the Withlacoochee River in Yankeetown, Florida.

If you’ve never heard of Yankeetown or the Withlacoochee River then don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s basically level with Ocala, but on the Gulf Coast, just above Crystal River (where people go swimming with the manatees). I wouldn’t exactly all the Withlacoochee River a tourist destination, but I am willing to call it the greatest river name in America. Seriously, have you ever heard a better river name than ‘Withlacoochee’?! The answer is ‘no’, you have not. Don’t even lie to yourself, nothing’s as good as ‘Withlacoochee’.

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