Florida Mayoral Candidate Tries Winning Votes By Going All-In With A Tampa Bay Lightning Tattoo

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The NHL postseason is, without a doubt, the best time of year to watch hockey. And while we all get caught up in the fever, a few Tampa Bay Lightning fans have a full-on hockey flu with their team in the Eastern Conference Finals, with about 150 of them getting tatted up live on a live radio show.

While that may sound insane, what’s crazier is that one of those diehard fans is a mayoral candidate for the city of Bradenton, Warren Merriam, who was among those getting ink.


“To show my support for the Lightning, I will lead by example and get the first tattoo Wednesday morning,” said Calta, before of the show.

Now, Merriam is challenging current Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston to do the same.

Nothing says politics like doing ANYTHING to collect votes, right?

The tattoos were in response to a story earlier this week that saw the executive director of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsor rally towels in support of the opposing Pittsburgh Penguins, causing Lightning fans to try and outdo that little “gesture.”

Fans were asked to show up to the tattoo parlor by The Mike Calta Show and 102.5 The Bone, with those actually coming getting treated to the free ink.

[H/T The Bone]

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