Floyd Mayweather Is Set To Face Logan Paul On June 5th With Special Rules That Will Allow Paul To Outweigh Him By 30 Pounds

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Floyd Mayweather is getting into the celebrity boxing business after seeing Jake Paul’s recent success.

On Wednesday night, The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger reported that the Mayweather-Logan Paul exhibition, which was previously postponed, has been rescheduled for June 5th and will air on Showtime PPV.

Via The Athletic

The exhibition between Hall of Famer boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Internet personality Logan Paul is tentatively planned for June 5 on Showtime pay per view, sources tell The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger.

The initial exhibition was going to be hosted by online platform Fanmio on Feb. 20, but was postponed.

Apparently, there are special stipulations for the fight. According to Coppinger, Mayweather can weigh no more than 160 pounds while Paul can weigh no more than 190 pounds.

The fight will take place in Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Dallas or Atlanta.