Floyd Mayweather’s Response To Conor McGregor Clowning Him So Hard? He Isn’t The Least Bit Upset

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If you think all the massive amount of trash talk Conor McGregor has been spewing the past few days during the press conferences for their upcoming fight bothers Floyd Mayweather think again. Between talking about Floyd’s tax troubles, saying “dance for me boy,” mocking Mayweather’s reading skills, as well as all of these classic moments…

It certainly would be understandable if McGregor was starting to get underneath Mayweather’s skin a little bit.

However, during the post press conference media session Mayweather says isn’t bothered by any of it at all…

“I’ve been doing press conferences now, what, 21 years? Nothing new.

“He’s entitled to feel what he wants to feel. It’s about giving the people entertainment. The people want to be entertained and I think both press conferences that we’ve done were unbelievable.

“I’m not upset with him. It’s not like the guy did something harsh to me. He feels like he’s the best warrior in the world. I feel like I was one of the best warriors when I was competing. But I came back, I’m competing for one more.”

You sure, bro? You look pretty pissed off here…

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Mayweather continued…

“It’s all about keeping my composure. Every time I went out there and I competed against the best guys in boxing, I kept my composure and I went out there and I executed the game plan.”

As for whether or not McGregor has ever crossed the line?

“Oh no. I’m not upset at all. Why would I be upset? I live a comfortable life, made smart investments, and I’m A-OK. The thing is this, after this fight, he’s set for life now. Before this fight, he wasn’t set. In his last fight, he made $3M. In my last fight, I made $50M. So there’s a difference between a seven-figure fighter and a nine-figure fighter. I’ve made nine figures on more than just one occasion.”

Ah, I get it. It’s all about the money. No wonder that’s your nickname, Floyd.

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Makes perfect sense to me now.

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