The Amount Of Food 7’6” UCF Basketball Recruit Tacko Falls Eats In One Day Is Mind-Blowing

I literally just got the second-hand shits after watching that.

Let’s review:

  • 5 pancakes = 328 cal
  • 3 bananas = 405 cal
  • 2 apples = 232 cal
  • 2 yogurts = 240 cal
  • 1 mac n’ cheese box = 320 cal
  • 4 pieces fried chicken = 1,468 cal
  • 4 pb&j sandwiches = 1,504 cal
  • 1 large pizza = 2,800 cal

TOTAL = 7,297 cal

To add some perspective here, according to my doctor (WebMD), the average moderately active male aged 18-30 is suggested to eat 2,600 calories a day. Tacko Falls nearly triples that intake.

This dude’s got the world by the balls right now. At 7’6”, Tacko HAS to eat that obscene amount of deliciousness to not get pushed around at the college level. At 28-years-old, I have two slices of late night pizza and I have to wear an elastic waistband for a week.

Whatever works, brah.


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