Indoor Football League Kicker Crushes 80-Yard Field Goal, Makes Minnesota Vikings Fans Have Flashbacks

josh gable kicker iowa barnstormers
Here’s a video of Indoor Football League (IFL) kicker Josh Gable of the Iowa Barnstormers nailing field goals from 70, 75, and 80 yards out.

You might remember that NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner was a former Iowa Barnstormer before he led “The Greatest Show on Turf” to a title then sharted the bed with the Giants and returned to the Super Bowl with the Cards.

The IFL site says Gable is 3 for 11 on field goal attempts and 38 of 44 on extra points this season. The Barnstormers lost their last game to the Colorado Crush 93-56, which looks like the result from that time the Kentucky Wildcats faced my YMCA team. A few weeks prior Iowa lost to Green Bay, 73-72. Green Bay has two football teams. That’s absurd.

The Barnstormers team roster says Gable didn’t go to college and that he hit 13 field goals and led the team in total scoring with 91 total points last season.

Gable turns 26 years old in September and appears dead set to fulfill his dream of making it big. He even left a comment on another kicker’s video of hitting a 70-yard field goal linking to his back-to-back 70 yarders.

As much as people love pooping all over kickers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drated Florida State’s Robert Agauyo in the second damn round and the Minnesota Vikings blew a sure-fire win on what a missed old-school extra point.