High School Football Player Rips Opponents Helmet Off And Smashes Him In The Face With It–Probably Against The Rules

by 3 years ago

Just two high school competitors going at it on the gridiron. Hard-nosed play.  Looked to me to be a play-on situation. Find me any clause in the high school football rule book that SPECIFICALLY states that you can’t bludgeon someone with his own helmet. No where in the entire 360-page document is there a penalty that prohibits causing someone’s brain to ooze out his ears. Don’t blame this dude for assaulting his opponent with a deadly weapon, blame the system for allowing him to do so. Finding loop holes is what winners do. Losers get walloped in the face with a Riddell helmet and stand up with their hands up in the air waving the white flag. Zero killer instinct. Zero idea where he is right now.

Have you guys ever seen a dead man stand up? See below.

high school football

high school football

[h/t For the Win]

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