Forbes Announced The Richest Sports Team Owners In The U.S. And, Holy Shit, They Are Swimming In Cash



While video games have allowed us bros to virtually own our favorite sports franchise for years, allowing us to hire a coaching staff, sign free agents and set prices of concessions in a unique way, it takes a hell of a lot more than holding a controller to actually run a sports team.

Whether it’s from inheriting an organization or having ridiculously deep pockets to buy one, Forbes recently announced the richest sports team owners in American sports and, is anyone really surprised to hear who came out on top?

If that pixelated photo didn’t give it away, the leader in the billionaire clubhouse is L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, holding down a net worth of, get this, $21.6 billion, meaning the bald bro can, literally, buy anything he wants to on earth.

Ballmer sitting pretty at No. 1 might not be too shocking, but hearing that he’s a full $3.8 billion ahead of the second-richest U.S. sports team owner is. More than that, Ballmer is a full $13.9 billion ahead of the NBA’s runner-up in this category.

Bottom line is this—if you have dreams of owning a sports team at some point in your life, winning the Powerball isn’t going to do it, so you better start creating some techy app that isn’t going to be a six-month trend, bros.

Here’s how the rest of the top-10 U.S. sports team owners shake out.

10. Michael & Marian Ilitch (Detroit Tigers/Detroit Red Wings – MLB/NHL): $5.4 billion

9. Ted Lerner (Washington Nationals – MLB): $5.5 billion

t7. Shahid Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars – NFL): $5.6 billion

t7. Richard DeVos (Orlando Magic – NBA): $5.6 billion

6. Stephen Ross (Miami Dolphins – NFL): $6.7 billion

5. Stanley Kroenke (St. Louis Rams/Denver Nuggets/Colorado Avalanche – NFL/NBA/NHL): $7.6 billion

4. Micky Arison (Miami Heat – NBA): $7.7 billion

3. Philip Anschutz (Los Angeles Kings – NHL): $10.9 billion

2. Paul Allen (Seattle Seahawks/Portland Trail Blazers – NFL/NBA): $17.8 billion

1. Steve Ballmer (Los Angeles Clippers – NBA): $21.6 billion

Damn, can any of these brothers hook me up with some cash for a place to stay in NYC for a week? I’m sure a couple hundo out of their bank account ain’t no thing at all.

After seeing this, it’s really no wonder Ballmer dances as if no one is watching, guy is ALWAYS on cloud nine.

[H/T Forbes]