Pissed Off Wife Of Fordham Hoops Coach Goes On Twitter To Call Him Out For Cheating



The words, “till death do us part” must not mean much to Fordham University men’s hoops coach Jeff Neubauer because, if his wife’s tweets are any indication, ol’ dude was cheating on her—and she took to social media to let him know things are O-V-E-R.

While no details have surfaced of what exactly happened, Karen Neubauer’s feed has been littered with direct shots at her husband.

The basketball coach had recently signed an extension with the university after a first season in which he led the team to a 17-14 record, but this sort of puts a stain on all that.

Sad news to hear, so let this be a reminder that, if in a relationship, always keep your rocket in your pocket.

[H/T The Big Lead]