Former Arizona Cardinals GM Who Tried To Put That Infamous Clause In Kyler Murray’s Contract Comments On The QB’s Study Habits

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

During the last NFL offseason, there was a moment when a single clause in Kyler Murray’s new contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals was the biggest story in football.

The clause had requirements for him to study a certain amount of film to avoid “defaulting” on the contract.

The Cardinals ended up removing the clause after a whole lot of backlash from the sports world.

Today, the general manager that put that clause in Kyler’s contract appeared on the Green Light podcast with Chris Long.

During that appearance Steve Keim commented on Kyler’s study habits.

When discussing Kyler’s work ethic, Keim said, “Does he work? He does work. I think it’s just that side of the game — the film study, the attention to detail part that he can continue to improve upon, and I think he will. Kyler’s a proud guy, man. He doesn’t want to lose and he doesn’t want to let people down.”

Keim may have ended up having to take that study clause out of Kyler’s contract, but there were some fans who started to wonder if he may have been right during the 2022 season.

Kyler and the Cardinals’ offense as a whole struggled this past season, especially in 1st halves of games. As a result, the Arizona Cardinals won just 4 games this season, earning themselves the 3rd pick in the 2023 draft.

Now they have a new head coach and an offensive coordinator coming in and Kyler Murray recovering from a knee injury.

Once he’s back to 100%, he’ll need to show some improvements to make the Cardinals’ decision to sign him to that hefty contract extension look like a good move.