Former Auburn Basketball Player Shaquille Johnson Reportedly Arrested For Dance-Off Fight


Dance-offs are are a popular form of non-violent conflict resolution. From American Pie 2 to Zoolander, movies have suggested time and time again that most, if not all, differences can be overcome through the majesty of dance.

But not every dance-off ends in handshakes and shared milkshakes. Sometimes life gets in the way.

Just ask Shaquille Johnson, best known for averaging 5.3 points in his one season at Auburn.

But the former Auburn Tiger has also found some trouble during his career and Johnson was arrested earlier this month and charged with felony malicious wounding after an incident that occurred at a party in Farmville, VA on August 31.

According to a story from Travis Lyles of the Longwood Rotunda, Johnson was arrested on September 9th.

Farmville Police Chief Doug Mooney said that the altercation “stemmed from a dance off competition between Johnson and Hampden Sydney College student Aaron Doman.”

The Rotunda story states: “Mooney speculates Johnson was angered, or unhappy about the conclusion of the dance off and then allegedly struck Doman in the mouth knocking out several of his teeth. Doman was taken to the hospital shortly after the altercation.”

OK, a few questions here. Namely, what in the hell possibly happened at the dancing’s end to send him over the edge? Was there some signature move stealing? A questionable judges’ ruling?

My wife has made me watch several episodes of Dancing With the Stars and not once have I seen the contestants come to blows.

…And there’s your free ratings idea of the day, ABC. You’re welcome in advance.

[H/T: College Basketball Talk]