Chinese Team With Former NBA Stars Disqualified From Playoffs For Allegedly Fixing A Game

Former NBA star Eric Bledsoe

Getty Image / Xinhua News Agency

Plenty of former NBA stars participate in the Chinese Basketball Association overseas.

However, Eric Bledsoe and Michael Beasley could be in big trouble, along with their team the Shanghai Sharks.

According to the Action Network, the Sharks featuring former NBA stars Bledsoe and Beasley, have been disqualified from the playoffs for allegedly fixing a game.

On top of that, the Sharks’ opponent, the Jiangsu Dragons, is also disqualified, per the Action Network. The CBA believes that both teams worked together to ensure the Sharks of securing the win.

I know it’s not the NBA, but anytime a sports team is accused of cheating like this it’s a pretty serious situation.

Especially considering how big basketball is in China. People from that country love the NBA and they cherish any players who come and play in the CBA.

For now, further punishments are unknown, as the league is likely conducting more investigations between the Sharks and Dragons.

This is a major controversy in China sports right now and basketball fans couldn’t help but react to the news.

Maybe the Sharks and Dragons were just a bit too obvious.

We’ll see if the CBA makes an official announcement regarding this situation. For now, though, the Sharks and Dragons will remain out of the postseason.