Former New England Patriots Player Tells Wild Rob Gronkowski Partying Story

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski

Getty Image / Simon Bruty

Over the course of his NFL career Rob Gronkowski gained notoriety for two things.

The first is obviously that he is one of the most talented tight ends the sport has ever seen.

Despite regularly battling injuries throughout his NFL career and retiring after 9 seasons before coming back for 2 more, Gronk finds himself 6th all-time in receiving yards for a tight end, 3rd at the position in receiving touchdowns, and 10th in receptions for a tight end.

He also racked up 4 Super Bowl rings and multiple post season records at his position.

The other thing he is know for is his partying.

Gronk’s partying is something that has been talked about repeatedly since he entered the league and has been highlighted by events like the Gronk Party Cruise and Gronk Beach.

A few days ago, one of his former New England Patriots teammates shared yet another story how much Gronk partied while in the NFL.

Former Patriots’ defensive end Jake Bequette revealed that Gronk used to go out drinking, then use his key fob to get into the Patriots’ facility and pass out on the team’s training tables.

In the mornings, the team’s trainers would give him IVs before he woke up to avoid a hangover and then he’d go out on the field and dominate.

“He would stagger into the Patriots locker room, key fob in and go pass out on the training tables,” Bequette said. “An hour or two later when the trainers came in to start their work day, they’d come in there and see Gronk all sprawled out on the training table just fast asleep.”

Rob Gronkowski was so good that defenders couldn’t even stop him after nights and drinking and so good the organization was able to overlook the fact that he didn’t fit with “The Patriot Way”.