Former NFL WR Mike Williams Is Not Dead & Still On Life Support, GoFundMe Asking For Money Not Linked To Family

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Former NFL wide receiver Mike Williams has not died despite previous reports.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Williams had died after suffering a head injury in a construction accident. Tierney Lyle, the mother of Williams’ 8-year-old daughter, told the Tampa Bay Times that Williams is still alive but currently on life support. While Williams is still mostly unresponsive and there may be plans to take him off life support, that hasn’t happened as of yet.

Via Tampa Bay Times

Former Bucs receiver Mike Williams is on life support in ICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital due to injuries sustained in a construction accident last week, the mother of his 8-year-old daughter said.

Tierney Lyle had just left the hospital where she said Williams was mostly non-responsive when she and daughter Mya visited him on Wednesday afternoon.

“They were waiting on me and (his daughter). We’re here and still trying to figure it out,” said Lyle, standing outside of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“He was asleep when we went in there and he woke up when he heard our voices and his daughter’s voice,” Lyle said. “And he looked around, and he blinked and he was crying but he can’t move.”

Lyle, who said Williams, 36, was injured in a construction accident in Hillsborough County last week, said she believed the plan was to remove Williams from life support but that hasn’t happened yet.

The GoFundMe asking for money for “travel expenses” from someone purporting to be Williams’ mother is not linked to anyone in the immediate family.

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