Former Patriot Torches Mac Jones For His Postgame Comments Following Loss To Colts

Former Patriot Calls Out Mac Jones For His Postgame Comments

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  • Ex-Patriot Ted Johnson wasn’t happy with what Mac Jones had to say following the Pats’ loss the Colts.
  • Johnson did not hold back in his criticisms of the rookie QB.
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Mac Jones has seemed to completely buy into ‘the Patriot way’ since arriving in New England, which means he’s more often than not a robot in front of the media.

Jones is typically tame and downright boring when speaking with the media, but that wasn’t the case following the Pats’ loss to the Colts this past Saturday.

After his team’s 27-17 loss to Indianapolis, Jones was candid with the media and spoke about how he and the rest of his team didn’t have a good week of practice leading up to the game.

“Starting with me, the energy was kind of low, maybe like feeling a little sorry for ourselves because we’re coming off the bye and stuff,” Jones said.

“Not to get into details, but we just didn’t practice well, and that just reflects how we played. And I didn’t practice good, and I know a lot of guys on our team felt the same way.”

Hey, at least Jones is being honest. He’s holding both himself and his team accountable for the loss and perhaps trying to motivate them to lock in at practice moving forward.

Ex-Patriot Didn’t Appreciate Jones’ Comments

Former Patriot Ted Johnson, who played linebacker in New England from 1995 to 2004, doesn’t see it that way though.

Johnson didn’t appreciate the fact that a rookie was sending that sort of message, publicly, after a loss.

“This time he went off script and I was really surprised to hear him say that we were feeling sorry for ourselves. About what,” Johnson asked on NBC10 Boston. “You just came off a bye week. Is it because you played on a Monday night and then you had to play on a Saturday night? Get over it, boys. It’s ring-chasing time now.”

“And him saying they had a bad week of practice and that their energy level was low — you’re a rookie, keep your mouth shut. That’s not going to play well in the locker room.”

Johnson even took things a step further and claimed that Bill Belichick made Jones say what he said to reporters.