Former Yankees Catcher Claims The Rockies And Another Team ‘Which Has Been To The World Series Recently’ Cheated By Stealing Signs Like The Astros

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  • Retired Yankees catcher Erik Kratz claims he knows two teams that stole signs similar to the Astros
  • Kratz says the Colorado Rockies used a sign-signaling system that involved a TV, a massage gun, and their metal bench in 2018
  • Kratz didn’t name the other team but did say they “had been to World Series often, recently”
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On Friday, retired Yankees catcher Erik Kratz made a couple of accusations that could rock the baseball world.

During an appearance YES Network’s “YES’ Curtain Call’ podcast, Kratz revealed that had caught two teams stealing signs and relaying them back to the batter similar to the Astros’ scandal. According to Kratz, one of the teams he believes was stealing signs “had been to the World Series, often, recently.”

The other team was the Colorado Rockies who he says used a sign-signaling system that involved a TV, a massage gun, and their metal bench in 2018.

“I can tell you that a team that has been to the World Series, often, recently, we caught them doing something almost similar (to the Astros)”

“And I can also tell you because I don’t care, I don’t really know anybody over there, the Colorado Rockies were doing the exact same thing in 2018, and we caught them, and we played them in the playoffs. Know how many runs they scored in a three-game playoff series in 2018? Not many people watched the NLDS. They scored two runs in the ninth inning of Game 2. They used to take a Theragun and bang it on their metal bench. And they were doing the exact same thing, from the TV. So, there you go. If you think no one else was doing it, you are wrong. The difference is, the Astros may have taken it a little too far. Maybe a little bit too far. Maybe continued to do it. Or maybe it’s just the fact that they won the World Series.”

Many believe Kratz was outing the Dodgers as the unnamed team he was referring to.

MLB fans are currently going back to dissect the 2018 NLDS to see if there’s any evidence the Rockies were cheating as Kratz claims.