Bro Catches Foul Ball In His Beer Cup At The Cubs Game Before Chugging Said Beer To Get The Ball

by 3 years ago

Actually watching the game when going to a baseball game is only half of the fun. There’s the gameday atmosphere, the chants, the potential to catch a foul ball and the opportunity to drink over-priced beer outside. Mostly the drinking beer part. I think half of the reason I love summer so much is because I no longer have to cram myself indoors to enjoy a nice, refreshing brewski.


Of course, the greatest moments is when you’re able to combine those separate experiences into one end-all be-all experience. Like this dude did when he caught a foul ball in his beer and then chugged the entire over-priced beverage.

That’s like the world’s most complicated game of beer pong. Poetically, there’s no better way to celebrate catching a foul ball than downing a beer. That’s really the best way to celebrate anything. Got a big promotion? Beer. Bagged a hottie? Beer. Got out of bed in the morning despite that fact that your entire life is just a parade of sadness? Two beers. This dude is living the dream and all we’re able to do is clap and enjoy. So crack a beer open, bros, for this bro.

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