No One’s Ever Seen Anything Like This Foul Ground Ball That Almost Hits The Dugout, But Somehow Becomes An Out

by 2 years ago

el paso chihuahuas foul ball fair out minor leauge baseball

During a minor league baseball game between the El Paso Chihuahuas (really? come on) and the Las Vegas 51s, a Vegas batter fouls off a pitch that almost hits the dugout, yet somehow… well, just watch the clip, Skip…

If you’re the manager, you can’t even get mad at the batter for not running that out. You’re like Ron Burgundy after discovering Baxter ate a whole wheel of cheese: impressed. Just shrug your shoulders and ask the umpire to remove the ball from the game, so you can place it in a glass display case for everyone to gawk at as proof that Stranger Things are among us. We’re the acrobats and that ball is the flea.

More or less improbable than this minor league slugger who crushed a grand salami into his own truck’s windshield? That kind of spin might give you the spins and induce an embarrassing puke sesh like this woman had.

That’s some serious English right there. That’s some Johnny English level English. English AF. That ball had more spin than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns combined.

How about that announcer, huh? Trying to be Vin Scully much? Wow. Stop with the act, Mack, it’s wack.

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