I Can’t Tell For Sure, But Fox Sports 1’s MLB Crew Might Have Been High Here


We’ve all had those moments where, whatever the reason, we can’t stop ourselves from laughing hysterically at something so stupid and unexplained that we seem as high as a fucking kite.

That’s what happened to the Fox Sports 1 MLB crew yesterday when, during a pregame taping prior to Game 3 between the Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros, analysts Raul Ibanez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas were seen crying over the dumbest thing ever.

Rose, who appeared to get all this going by sliding some paper towards Ibanez, was so fucking whacky that he forgot how to speak the English language, saying something that I have no idea how to spell out.

I’ll go ahead and bet that these guys weren’t high, but… nevermind, they were for sure smoking the cheeb before cameras starting rolling.

[H/T SB Nation]