Fans React To News That Fox And The USFL Plan To Have A Football That ‘Glows’ Near The Goal Line

Fox And The USFL Hope To Have A Football That Glows Near Goal Line


  • The USFL revealed that it hopes to have a football that “glows” near the goal line on their Fox broadcasts.
  • The football will “glow” to help viewers better identify where it is in the scrums that often occur at that point on the field.
  • Read more news about the USFL here.

Remember FoxTrax? The glowing puck that Fox used from 1996 to 1998 on its NHL broadcasts to help viewers identify where the puck was on the ice? Yeah, well, now that Fox is dumping $150 million into the second coming of the USFL, they are going to try something similar with a “glowing” football.

At least that’s what former NFL running back Daryl Johnston, now the executive vice president of football operations for the USFL, recently told Front Office Sports.

During game telecasts, viewers often can’t see the ball under the pile of bodies at the goal line, noted Johnston during a Monday appearance on Fox News. An illuminated ball could help.

“That’s something we’re hoping to have this season,” Johnston said.

Let’s hope the USFL’s glowing football is better received by fans than this was…

Fans reactions to the USFL football that “glows” on Fox broadcasts were mixed

So far, reactions by football fans to this news have been widely varied.

This “glowing” football idea is just one of several innovations the USFL will be trying when their season kicks off on April 16th.

There will also be a unique “fourth-and-tweleve” rule the could replace the onside kick.

Plus, instead of using chains on the sidelines to determine first downs like they do in the NFL, the USFL will be using a chip in the football to determine where it should be spotted.

All of this, however, is assuming that the USFL 2.0 doesn’t end up going belly up thanks to a lawsuit filed by former owners and executives of the original USFL.

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