Francis Ngannou Tells All About His Contract Negotiation With UFC

Francis Ngannou

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The UFC is still feeling the pain of losing Francis Ngannou as they couldn’t reach an agreement for a contract. Now, the former Heavyweight champion tells all about what transpired.

From the sounds of it, Ngannou was challenging the UFC to make some changes. Although it was probably a long shot, you’d think these would be demands a company would agree with.

According to MMA Junkie, there were three requests Francis Ngannou made that apparently were a deal breaker for Dana White and the UFC. Those being, looser sponsorship rules, health insurance, and a fighter advocate. Ngannou explained it fully during his appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

After monopolizing sponsorships, refusing to offer health insurance, and denying a fighter advocate, it sure sounds like the UFC isn’t prioritizing its fighters. Especially considering other professional sports leagues allow most of what Francis Ngannou is asking for.

On top of that, Ngannou explains health insurance a bit further. Apparently, he didn’t want the insurance just for himself, but for every single fighter on UFC’s roster.

Ngannou’s decision to walk is one of the biggest stories in the fighting world in recent years. He’s at the top of his game and just left the biggest MMA organization on the planet. However, other fight leagues do provide the things he’s looking to have. So, can anyone really blame him for telling Dana White no?

In the end, this could lead to more fighters leaving the UFC to follow in Ngannou’s footsteps.