Wife Of 49ers LB Blasts Eagles Fans For Harassing Her At NFC Championship

Philadelphia Eagles fans

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You don’t need to be a diehard sports fan to be familiar with the reputation surrounding the folks who root for teams who called Philadelphia home, as spectators in the City of Brotherly Love aren’t exactly known for embodying the spirit of that nickname.

It would be foolish to suggest any fan who wanders into enemy territory in Philly deserves to be harassed, With that said, if you make the conscious decision to attend an Eagles game at Lincoln Stadium to cheer for your team while draped in their colors, you shouldn’t be shocked if someone chucks a battery at you at some point during the contest.

Joey Bosa had some trouble restraining himself after he and the rest of the 49ers received a very rude welcome when they arrived at Lincoln Stadium for the NFC Championship Game last weekend, but the players were far from the only people who were on the receiving end of some abuse based on what one of their spouses had to say.

On Tuesday, Fred Warner’s wife Sydney recounted her experience at The Linc, and it’s safe to say she won’t be returning to Philly the next time the San Francisco LB plays the Eagles on the road.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I will probably never go back to that stadium, to be honest. I guess you can just call me a wimp, but I couldn’t handle the fans. 

I’m 100% down for riding for your team—like ‘Hurrah! Let’s go team!’—but honestly, I just didn’t feel very safe. 

Fred told me not to wear any red. I did end up wearing a red bag but I had to end up hiding it underneath my jacket because people were doing the ‘Eff you’s and the shoving and that whole thing. So, I definitely covered it. 

But then I was at the concession stand and this guy saw it—and he was drunk, I’ll give him that—but he got in my face and this other Eagles fan saw it and was like, ‘Hey man, you got to chill out.'”

You could argue Sydney is painting Eagles fans with a fairly wide brush based on a few isolated encounters, and it did seem like she was being a tad dramatic when she discussed what unfolded in the tunnel out of the stadium:

“We were leaving and I wanted to leave before they let all of them out because they started, like, riots and all that. We did, and this was this tunnel you had to walk through, and you were just surrounded. You had to walk through it and they were all around you just heckling and yelling. 

There was this woman with a baby and they just kept going. The kid was clearly scared. The dad was with him but he was obviously outnumbered, so if he said anything, he was going to get mauled.”

With that said, she also claimed she heard someone yell “I hope your plane crashes,” so it’s not really too hard to blame her for being in no rush to return.