This Gnarly Ski Footage Was Shot Using FPV Drones For One Of The Wildest Perspectives I’ve Seen In Extreme Sports

skis on rack

iStockphoto / Kyryl Gorlov

It is Ski SZN™, my dudes. In addition to spending the weekends flocking to the crowded Northeast mountains or taking trips out West to get away from the crowds, that also means we’re treated to a few months of badass skiing footage.

The folks over at Blastr and Level 1 Productions dropped ‘FREEZR – a SKI x FPV film’ this week and they’ve shot this using FPV drones. The end product here is truly unlike anything I’ve seen in extreme sports videos.

These drones are able to provide a perspective unlike anything we used to see back in the day when it was just some dude on skis holding a camera following another skier down the mountain, and then a skier with a GoPro strapped to his head or a camera shooting from a helicopter. This is just wild.

Sadly, I’m back down in Florida after a week in the Northeast and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back up North or out West for a ski trip this season and after watching this video all I can think about is booking a trip by the end of the day and shredding that fresh gnar. Is spending a few days in the powder too much to ask for?!?

Shout out to MJ for sharing this video earlier this morning. Watching this badass ski footage was an excellent way to start my day.