Attention College Football Fans: Stop Taking Viagra And Just Watch This FSU Football Preseason Video

by 4 years ago

F*ck Viagra. Screw that tiny blue pill. We’re now LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from the college football game of the year (the first Florida State Football game is in 30 days from today), and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need that tiny blue pill when you can just watch this video on repeat. TAKE THE GARNET AND GOLD PILL. And by that I mean watch this video:

FSU‘s been rightfully taking a lot of heat in recent years (and specifically in recent weeks), and let it be known that I 100% believe that any of those players breaking the law deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The Seminole Nation didn’t have a target on their back just because in order to be the best you have to beat the best, and that meant going through the ‘Noles. There have been a shameful amount of off the field issues, and that’s something that’s being addressed by the coaches, the team, and the University. This video is not about that, this video’s about the media’s vendetta against the Florida State Football program.

Two years ago when we won the last ever BCS National Championship the Seminoles were the underdog all season, and until Bama lost to Auburn on a freak play nobody thought we could even hang with the team from Tuscaloosa. You all know that narrative though: Bama lost to Auburn, Auburn went to the National Championship and hung with FSU in the first half because their coach (a former FSU coach) Dameyune Craig was able to steal FSU’s signals and read the Noles’ plays ahead of time. FSU eventually noticed this, began blocking their play calling signals, and their average yards-per-play went up by 10-yards a play and the Noles completely dominated Auburn for the rest of the game and went on to win the National Championship….This is what happens when you paint the Noles out to be the underdog, when you constantly deride them to the point that all the Noles can do is focus on playing football.

“Experts” claim that Florida State Football has ZERO chance of competing for the National Championship this year, and Noles scoff at that. IT IS FACT THAT YOU NEED A STRING OF TOP 10 RECRUITING CLASSES IN ORDER TO WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And I know a lot of people like to dismiss the value of recruiting, but you’re fools if you ignore it (read that article linked above). Just look at FSU’s recruiting class rankings over the past 5 years and tell me this squad won’t be competing for a National Championship this year:

ESPN recruiting rankings:

2015: #2
2014: #3
2013: #9
2012: #2
2011: #1

247sports recruiting rankings:

2015: #3
2014: #4
2013: #11
2012: #3
2011: #2

Rivals recruiting rankings:

2015: #3
2014: #4
2013: #10
2012: #6
2011: #2

Sooooo yah, the seniors this year all came from a #1 or #2 recruiting class, depending on where you’re looking, and the juniors were a #2, #3, or #6 class depending on where you’re looking. Tell me again why FSU’s going to lose so many football games this year?

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