FSU Fans Are Trolling Miami Fans Who Want Al Golden Fired So Hard

It has become commonplace for sports fans to buy banners attached to airplanes to circle practices and stadiums of their favorite teams to try and suggestively influence key decisions.

From the New York Jets fans doing it last season to get then GM John Idzik canned—which actually ended up working—to Miami Hurricanes supporters following suit to try and get head coach Al Golden axed, people are spending thousands of bucks to lend a helping hand in the HR department.


Well, count one of the Canes’ rivals, the Florida State Seminoles, among those coming to the party.

No, it’s not for FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher to be given the pink slip—after all, he’s won a national title and has restored the glory in Tallahassee—but Noles fans are trying to convince Miami to KEEP Golden on the sidelines, buying a banner to fly over Miami practices in one of the best troll jobs ever.

Setting up a GoFundMe page—which has already EXCEEDED its $500 goal—the description for the campaign is as follows:

“Al Golden has done a terrific job in keeping Miami irrelevant, Cane fans want him gone.  However in Tallahassee we love Coach Golden, that’s why we want to show our love in 3 weeks when the canes come to Tallahassee, with a banner that will fly over the stadium…for an hour.”

No joke, this is one of the most ingenious plots by a rival fanbase I’ve ever seen—especially since Golden’s never beaten FSU in his four meetings at Miami and continues to struggle to get key recruits.

Nicely played, Seminole fans, you win.

[H/T Palm Beach Post]