Gabe Kapler Is The Definition Of ‘You Must Be Fun At Parties’ After Refusing To Eat His Birthday Cake For 2nd Straight Year

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Giants manager Gabe Kapler is the guy they’re talking about when saying, “You must be fun at parties.” The San Francisco leader takes offense to the notion that one must eat cake on their birthday, or any holiday for that matter.

Last year, the Giants surprised Kapler with an awesome steak-themed birthday cake, which you can see below.

The manager didn’t touch it. That trend continued in 2022 as Kapler watched another cake-less birthday celebration come and go.

What’s his issue with the delicious treat? Is it one of his many odd eating habits?

Essentially, he doesn’t like being told what to do. Take a look at his response when asked about his unique yearly tradition.

“I’m embarrassed to say that I did not eat the cake yesterday. I don’t like to be forced into it on a day. If I want to eat something, I just want to eat it whenever I want to. My grandfather talked a lot about the freedom that he had on any given day, and that the holidays didn’t make his life any different or force him into making any choices.

“I feel similarly. If I want to eat, I’ll eat. If I want to drink, I’ll drink. It may be on my birthday, but it might not be. Even though a cake showed up, I don’t feel any pressure to eat it.”

Somehow, Kapler makes eating cake a freedom issue. That response caused quite a stir on social media.

Fans react to Gabe Kapler’s stance on birthday cake

Let’s see if the team gets him a cake next year.

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