Gamer Celebrates Victory With Steve Austin Beer Chug And Unplanned Stone Cold Stunner On His Opponent

Does stuff like this happen at every e-sports event? Because I’ll start going if it does.

In this video “K-Brad” (not his birth name), a member of the team Evil Geniuses, celebrated a semi-final victory during the CEO gaming tournament by climbing a turnbuckle (why is this happening in a wrestling ring?), smashing some cans of an unknown beverage together (let’s assume it’s Code Red) and then administering a Stone Cold Stunner to a guy I’ll assume was his opponent or a fella lost in the convention center just trying to find a five plug for his iPhone.

I’m not sure how the wanna-be Stone Cold got his nickname but I’ll assume it happened right around the time he told his parents he wanted to play video games for a living. “K, Brad, whatever you want but we all know you’ll come back to run the deli sooner or later.”

[via With Spandex]