A Floating Bike Path Around Italy’s Lake Garda Will Offer The Best Cycling Views In The World

by 11 months ago
Lake Garda Italy

Shutterstock / Lukasz Szwaj

Northern Italy is a worldwide destination for serious cyclists because 1) it’s unbelievably picturesque and 2) it offers incredibly challenging rides with huge elevation changes throughout the mountains.

The Garda Bike Hotel is a hotel which caters to cyclists on the picture perfect Lake Garda and they’re about to up their game to a new level with a floating bike path around the lake. The first section of the bike path is set to open up this July but that’s only a 3-mile section of the eventual 84-mile path around the gorgeous lake.

The 84-mile Garda By Bike path is set to be finished by 2021, cost an estimated $122.57 million (€102 million), and it will connect the surrounding regions of Trento, Lombardi, and Veneto. The path is supposed to cater to cyclists of all skill levels. How that’s going to work in practice isn’t exactly clear but I envision spots where experienced riders and break off for sections of road with challenging climbs.

I’m not an avid cycler but I do like to stay active on vacation. Sitting on a beach or by a pool for a week without moving doesn’t interest me. Whenever I’m traveling somewhere new I want to see as much of that place as I possibly can, and for travelers like myself this seems like an awesome way to see a small section of Northern Italy.

For more information on the Garda By Bike path, you can head over to Cycling Weekly where they’ve got the latest news on what’s said to be Europe’s most stunning bike path.

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