Gardner Minshew’s Beefy Dad Won The Hearts Of America Last Night And Became A Meme Sensation

Thursday Night Football

Last night, on national television with America watching, a star was born.

During Thursday Night Football’s Jags/Titans game, the cameras panned to a giant beefcake of a man who identifies himself as Flint Minshew, the father of America’s sweetheart and electric Jaguars quarterback, Gardner Minshew.

Flint is a general contractor from Mississippi, but you might recognize him as the guy who is perpetually naked in the locker room of your local Planet Fitness. Flint looks like the dad who willingly let his son’s friends thumb through his extensive collection of Playboy magazines, which he insists he subscribes to for the articles, that are bookended by two coffee mugs shaped like giant tits that was given to him by his father who gave gag gifts so he didn’t have to learn any of his sons’ interests.

But, that’s just my take. The internet had theirs, and they are very compelling.


Ok, that’s enough internet for the day.

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