Did Gary Player Purposely Make Sure His Signature Stand Out On The Masters Champion’s Dinner Menu?

Gary Player at The Masters at Augusta National

Getty Image / Gregory Shamus

The 2023 Masters Champions Dinner was held on Tuesday night in honor of reigning champion Scottie Scheffler.

The Dallas, Texas resident (Scheffler) went with a very Texas-inspired menu of Tortilla Soup, Texas Ribeye Steak, and a Warm Chocolate Chip Skille Cookie. Those are three items you might find on 75% of restaurant menus in the Dallas, Texas area.

After the dinner, Scottie Scheffler and the champs of The Masters all signed the menu. Adam Scott and Jordan Spieth stand out (to me) as having the best signatures of all the former champions.

But it is Gary Player who really stands out amongst all of the signatures. Gary Player has really had an axe to grind with The Masters and Augusta National lately, calling it ‘just another course‘ without him and the previous champs.

Gary Player also ranked The Masters as 4th of 4 when ranking Golf’s 4 Major Championships. So while I’m trying not to read too much into Gary’s signature here, it’s hard not to:

Gary’s is that BIG BOLD one right there in the middle, above the Augusta National GC logo.

George Savaricas of the Golf Channel and formerly of BroBible‘s ‘Rippin’ It’ podcast shared that photo above.

Seeing every signature on there and then looking at Gary Player’s, there’s something different Gary’s.

It’s as if he pressed the Sharpie as hard as humanly possible into the menu. And on top of that, he took the prime signature spot directly on top of the Augusta National Golf Club logo and even signed over the logo at one point.

Gary’s signature placement didn’t go unnoticed:

What do you think? Did Gary Player choose that prime location on The Masters Champions Dinner Menu on purpose? Did he press the life out of that ink onto the paper intentionally? Let us know in the FB/Twitter comments.

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