NFL Fans Call Out George Kittle For Torching 49ers QB Situation In Postgame Interview

George Kittle

Getty Image / Lachlan Cunningham

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the brakes off of the San Franciso 49ers to advance to the Super Bowl.

Injuries didn’t treat San Francisco kindly, as they were down to Christian McCaffrey playing quarterback. Things took a turn when George Kittle got brutally honest.

During the postgame interview, a journalist asked one of the weirded worded questions ever. But hey, this guy got what he was looking for as an emotional George Kittle let it all out. The 49ers’ star tight end was asked about the quarterback situation. Here was Kittle’s response.

The quarterback play didn’t help San Francisco in the slightest. Even so, it’s not like a healthy Brock Purdy would have changed the outcome of this game. The Eagles lit up the scoreboard after putting up 31 points. So, the defense is just as much to blame as well. Regardless, George Kittle told everyone how he truly felt about the offense instead.

For that reason, NFL fans are calling out the star tight end.

The whole team is a fault for this one.

We couldn’t agree more about the question. Unfortunately, George Kittle answered it.

Maybe the 49ers can advance through the playoffs without injury woes. Until then, this team continues to find ways to fall just short of the Super Bowl. Oh well. Better luck next year to George Kittle and San Francisco.