Georges St-Pierre Claims He Almost Came Out Of Retirement To Fight Khabib

George St-Pierre

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Fight fans love to talk about what-if scenarios when discussing former and current greats.

One bout UFC fans would have loved to watch was Georges St-Pierre Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, nothing ever came to fruition. Especially considering St-Pierre retired well before Khabib turned into a champion.

With that said, apparently the UFC Hall of Famer was prepared to unretire to face off against Nurmagomedov. But ultimately it never happened.

During a guest appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Georges St-Pierre claims he was ready for Khabib Nurmagomedov to call him out after defeating Justin Gaethje.

For whatever reason, Khabib didn’t follow through with the call out. Regardless, St-Pierre was ready for it.

Could you imagine those two going at it in the cage? Especially if they’re both in their prime? UFC fans ponder this matchup all the time.

But it may have been a real possibility had Khabib actually called out GSP after the Gaethje fight.

Instead, Nurmagomedov announced his retirement from the UFC. Which is a much different route than what St-Pierre was expecting.

No matter, this is still a bout fight fans regularly ponder about.

Especially considering how well-rounded GSP is in the Octagon. He could have been able to negate Khabib’s wrestling.

This potential matchup might be in the past though. Both fighters are several years into retirement and it’s hard to imagine either of them returning to the cage.

Either way, we can’t help but think about what could have been. Is anybody else loading up UFC 4 and playing out this fight?