Georgia Football’s Buses Were Absolutely ZOOMING On The Way Home From National Championship

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Georgia football got embarrassed on the way to the airport for the National Championship by traveling in significantly inferior buses to Alabama. However, none of that mattered when the Bulldogs returned home as national champions.

After their flight out of Indianapolis was delayed several times, the team finally landed at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport just before 2:00pm on Tuesday. Upon arrival, custom-wrapped coach buses were waiting for them outside of the terminal to bring them back to Athens.

Unlike the commuter buses that took them to the airport, the Bulldogs drove home in style. Georgia piled into their ride and hit the road.

It was about an hour and a half ride home.


One of the roads on the way from Atlanta to Athens is Georgia State Route 316, better known as “University Parkway.” The speed limit tops out at 65 miles per hour.

It looked like the Bulldogs were going a lot faster on the way home on Tuesday. Led by a police escort, the team buses were absolutely ZOOMING.

Georgia football has used an “All Gas, No Brakes” motto all season. Its meaning is simple— there is no time to slow down, it is full-speed ahead all of the time.

It appears as though the team’s bus drivers took that motto literally. They did not have their foot anywhere near the brake.

After getting embarrassed on the way to the airport, Georgia went on to win the national championship and arrived home in style. And quickly. Very, very quickly.