Giancarlo Stanton Hit A Ball OUT OF Dodger Stadium For Only The Fifth Time Ever

MOONSHOT. Any other description wouldn’t do justice to the 467-foot home run that Giancarlo Stanton blasted out of Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night.

The Miami Marlins’ slugger got every bit of that one, delivered by Dodgers’ right-hander, Mike Bolsinger, in the top of the first inning working on two outs. It looked to be an 85mph change-up that Stanton catapulted over the Hollywood sign well beyond the left-field wall.

It was a monumental occasion too, apparently, because according to ESPN’s Statistics and Information gurus, Stanton is only the fourth player ever to send a baseball packing, leaving the confines down in the Chavez Ravine.


Certainly not some bad company to share, that’s for sure.

The Marlins’ outfielder knew he had torn the cover off the ball soon as it connected with his bat.


For some historical context, Dodger Stadium has played witness to MLB games for 53 years now. Wow. It was Giancarlo’s eighth HR of the season.

Sweet swing, Stanton.

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