Brian Daboll Seen Blowing Up On The Giants Sideline As Team Struggles Against The Texans

Giants HC Brian Daboll Loses His Mind On The Sideline

Getty Image / Steph Chambers

The New York Giants have been a surprise team this year, however, they aren’t living up to the hype in Week 10. They’ve looked flat so far against the Houston Texans, even though they hold the lead going into halftime. For that reason, Brian Daboll was seen losing his mind on the sidelines.

Brian Daboll Seen Blowing Up On Giants Sideline

CBS Sports shares the clip where you can see the Giants’ head coach laying into Jack Anderson, an offensive lineman for New York. Daboll is a fiery coach who has brought new life into this franchise. However, he’s surely keeping his players in check as they hope to take more control in the second half.

Anyone who has played sports has been there before. Regardless, Daboll was really laying into his team in this clip.

Blow-ups on the sideline are rather normal in football. The good news about this though as it appears Brian Daboll is simply ensuring his team remains disciplined. It’d be a completely different story if there was an altercation of some sort. So, Giants fans can rest assured that there likely is no sideline drama between the team and coaching staff.

We’ll see how New York comes out in the second half. They’re only up 7-3, however, it’s against the Texans. Now is the time for the Giants to separate themselves and take a more commanding lead. If they can do that, then maybe we’ll see Brian Daboll’s energy be more enthusiastic.