These Incredible GIFs Of NBA Stars Show How They’ve Transformed From Their Rookie Years To Now

Kirby Lee/Getty Images

I’m not trying to speak for you bro, but odds are if we were to make a gif of our headshots over a decade long period, our dependency on alcohol would show. I gave up on my athletic dreams once college intramural basketball was over, and now my exercise less frequently than 2009 Jonah Hill. I’ve also picked up a healthy smoking habit, so that’s added a few lines to my face. Anyway, enough with my demons.

The folks over at created some dope GIFs of the changes in NBA stars’ faces over their careers. Believe it or not, the most primed athletes on the planet don’t appear to have a substance dependency issue. Except Chris “Birdman” Andersen. That dude hasn’t been sober since Pearl Harbor.

Lebron James, Rookie Year: Age 18, Now: 32

The Score

Anthony Davis, Rookie Year: 20, Now: 23

Chris “Birdman” Anderson, Rookie Year: Age 22, Now: 38

Carmelo Anthony, Rookie Year: Age 19, Now: 32

James Harden, Rookie: Age 20, Now: 27

Dwyane Wade, Rookie: Age 20, Now: 35

Steph Curry, Rookie: Age 20, Now: 28

It’s a goddamn shame Jeremy Lin doesn’t have a GIF. That dude’s had more hairstyles than the Backstreet Boys.

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