Gilbert Arenas Might Be Delusional, Says LeBron James ‘Isn’t A No. 1 Option’

by 4 years ago


A couple of days ago, I told you about how former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas was banned from the Orange County State Fair for having just a little bit too sharp of a shooting touch, as he was winning just about every prize imaginable—which equates to lots and lots of stuffed animals.

After realizing that he could still stroke it like he used to, Agent Zero figured this week was the ideal time to stir a debate as to which NBA players were the best in the ’90s and 2000’s, posting a photo on Instagram with his choices of the 10 best from the past 20-plus years.

Gil then followed that up with a photo of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant side-by-side, comparing the two with the word, “Legends.” separating them as he tossed out a shit load of stats.

Not done there, Arenas took aim at one of his former rivals on the hardwood, LeBron James, who, coming off of the most remarkable individual performance by a player in the NBA Finals, probably shouldn’t be dogged too much.

Oh, but Arenas did dog him—in a weird way.

While the former player did toss out a few nice things to say about Bron Bron, he went on a rant about the weaknesses that King James has, saying:

“now his WEAKNESSES he had to work on to be the G.O.A.T…James is more like a train then a cheetah in movement.. his first 2 steps aren’t very powerful so this hurt him on iso’s and the ability to blow pass players from standstill position…hints why he’s at the point he needs to be moving at all time so when he decides to attack he’s already in full motion…he doesnt change direction well becuz he doesn’t bend much he plays str8 up and down like #jkidd did which limits him from cross overs and spinning…James isn’t a #1 option..and yes I (didn’t stutter) he lacks #selfishness so he will always need a go to guy like wade was or kyrie.. he lacks what jordan and kobe were..great 1 on 1 players… he needs a pure scorer beside him so he can carry the TEAM load…”

Sure, James may have a few deficiencies in his game, especially as he continues to age and either loses a step offensively or can’t quite shutdown an opponent the way he could a few years ago. But, to suggest James ins’t a No. 1 option is fucking ridiculous.

The dude single-handedly carried a lottery team to the NBA Finals as his two best teammates followed one another to the trainer’s room with season-ending injuries, even grabbing a 2-1 series lead at one point. James was the Cavs’ offense—and first, second and third option.

Arenas does recognize that, but it’s predicated by the former statement about No. 23 not being a top option.

“…he gets bashed alot by media becuz he doesn’t take over like #MJ or #KB but #LBJ is MAGIC with Jordan like he walks into stats without trying and when forced he will give u 41 12 8…the finals was the first time in his career he was physically pushed to the limit becuz he had no one to defur to…when players like magic,Barkley and analysis bash him I cringe…”

Look, bottom line is this—With all due respect to anyone else, LeBron James is the unequivocal best player in the world, capable of dominating on the basketball court like no one ever has before him.

With the vision of Magic Johnson, the athleticism of Michael Jordan, the strength of Oscar Robertson and the development of a killer instinct of Kobe Bryant, James isn’t perfect, but he’s still playing for NBA titles—and not for the prizes awarded at county fairs, as is the case with Arenas.


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