Gilbert Arenas Snapchatted Himself Dumping Food On His Friend That Passed Out On His Kitchen Floor

So, if the gods of the Internet are to be trusted, Gilbert Arenas is not a nice dude. Or maybe he is a pretty nice dude and just likes making fun of people publically. He was pretty nice to Nick Young a few weeks ago when he broke into his house *fart noise*. So I’m not surprised at all that Arenas dumped food on his friend who passed out drunk on his kitchen floor. I guess it’s a good way to wake someone up? “Wake up fool!! Have some Wheaties and raw flour and get the fuck off my floor.” One time in college, one of my roommates passed out on the floor and I accidentally kicked him when climbing into bed. Guy was pissed. I can’t imagine that Arenas’s boy will be very pleased waking up covered in whatever the fuck he’s covered in.

Also, side note, I feel as if this was a huge missed opportunity to play “Don’t Wake The Sleeping Giant”. That guy is huge. All Arenas needed was another idiot at his side and they could have had one of the most memorable rounds of that game ever. (For those of who have never played “Don’t Wake The Sleeping Giants”, when a big person passes drunk, people take turns doing weird shit to his face (i.e. drawing on it, putting stuff on it, shaving things off of it) trying not to wake him up. Whoever wakes the Giant up has to take credit for everything previously done to him and face the wrath.)