Gilbert Arenas Goes Full Scorched Earth On Everyone Involved In Derrick Rose Trade In Highly Entertaining Insta Post

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Hold up wait a min…..I take a nap and wake up to this shit here…. #Drose just got traded for #Calderon and #RobinLopez ? #HUH #ayeshacurry the NBA must be rigged girl lol #philJackson just got derrick rose for(two scratch and sniff lotto tickets,one of shawn kemp 9 kids and bootleg copy of #riri cd (music of the son WITHOUT #PonDeReplay )😂😂im not saying #chicagobullsGM is doing #crack,all im saying is this move was very CRACKISH….this is like tipping a crackhead outside a #nightclub for waving you over 4 the FREE PARKING SPACE(I was saving this for you big man) #YouJustDontDoIt this is embarrassing CHICAGO….I could have giving u a better deal then what you got….I need derrick rose on my #YMCA team so ill give u ( the cell phone #deangelorussell used to film his teammates confession last season,I have clear sound bite from when #royhibbert got slapped in preseason by #trevorbooker..u can clearly hear him say #OUCHHHHniggaThatHurts and ill throw in two #AllAccessPasses to go see meek mills Back stage in #toronto during #ovofest hahaha do we have a deal CHICAGO?? Im sorry yall but Phil jackson must have a tape of the bulls GM playing with #caitlynjennerBalls or something to agree to that trade😂😂😂😂 #PhilRealMVP #BlackMailTrade??

Take a page out of Gilbert Arenas’ book on how to stay relevant when you haven’t worn an NBA uniform in four years.

But real talk, it must have been heart-wrenching for Chicago fans to let go of the Chicago-born and bred prodigy they were once were sure was the future. And rightfully so–Rose’s explosiveness and dexterity in the infancy of his NBA career catapulted him to NBA royalty, crowning him the youngest MVP in league history.

He was the antithesis of current MVP Steph Curry–much like Russell Westbrook, Rose’s game was all power, bordering on violent, springing off the floor, and contorting his body in traffic to make head-shaking plays that all fanbases grew to appreciate. A five-year, $94 million (guaranteed) contract with the Bulls and a $185 million contract Adidas handed Rose in 2012 echoed the sentiment that D-Rose was the next basketball superstar. But tearing up both knees zapped him of his mojo and Rose’s relatively modest 16 ppg last season was highest in the past three years.

Chicago dealing out their golden boy can be likened to donating a pair of JNCO jeans that you once rocked at the school dance in 1999 to make out Christina Henderson. But fashion trends change and the JNCOs are now sporting rips in both knees, and nostalgia and irrational promise would be the only reasons for keeping them in your closet.

Let’s close this out by watching this riiiiiiidiculous D-Rose high school highlight reel. I’ve probably watched this 228 times over the past five years.

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