Gilbert Arenas On Why NBA Players Like Zion Williamson Date The ‘Worst Women In Life’

Gilbert Arenas

Getty Image / Tim Heitman

With the NBA Draft taking place this week basketball chatter’s at an all-time high. The NBA Playoffs are done. The Stanley Cup Playoffs have ended. Heck, pro soccer is over for the Summer.

Given the lack of sports, the recent Zion Williamson story has occupied a much larger piece of the NBA media pie than it normally would. Appearing on Barstool’s The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, Gilbert Arenas was asked about Zion’s situation.

If you’re not aware of what has been going on with Zion Williamson, his ex-girlfriend and adult film star Moriah Mills publicly put him on blast after he announced he was having a baby with another woman. She even threatened to release private videos on Twitter until she was recently banned.

Gilbert Arenas was asked by Rone why NBA players often date strippers and ‘Instagram models’ and his answer is ‘timing.’ Arenas believes that NBA players’ free-time doesn’t align with the normal world. They’re not out at the wine bar on a Friday night looking for dates because they’re playing games.

Gilbert Arenas said:

“Think about the other sex that’s free between noon and seven o’clock. Strippers. Instagram models that ain’t got s— to do in life. All the sophisticated women at work. They at work. Why you think we in the malls? Subconsciously, ‘S—, strippers gotta get their outfits pretty soon. Our schedules match up with the worst people, the worst women in life.

His words, not mine. I’m not sure why we need to call anyone ‘the worst in life’ based strictly on their profession. I won’t begin to know the intricacies of Gilbert’s past relationships but I also won’t shame someone based on how they earn a living.

More of the interview here:

Other topics of discussion include Ja Morant’s 25 game suspension, life in Shanghai for Gilbert, the toughest NBA players to play against, and a lot more.